About me

Hello, I am Sergey Voronov, Product Designer at Z1
Love messing around pixels, code and data, taking into account users and business needs of the products I am working on.

I am trying to spread my spare time between family, running, organising Framerlondon meetups and writing on medium.



Product design, UX, HTML/CSS, Coffeescript, JS, IoT, ReactNative, Angular

Work Experience

Speaker and organiser at regular FramerJS workshop


Nov 2015 - current

Started mentoring and speaking in FramerJS events in London in November 2015. Now organising events myself. Speaking on Framer technology and teaching people how to prototype with Framer. As part of this position I am doing heavy prototypes including IoT, Firebase, camera API, external JSON API like Spotify, API.AI, MapBox API, Google Maps API, writing modules.

Product designer


January 2017 - current

Visual, interaction design, user research for mobile-focused consumer products. Creating high fidelity framer prototypes for early stage feature testing. Building Figma to ReactNative components for upcoming design system at Bunch.live

Product designer


Nov 2012 - current

Working on all design related aspects of healthcare startup clinpal (software for managing clinical trials). Working directly with CEO, product managers and architects to gather initial requirements, help with user stories creation, producing initial wireframes, interactive wireframes and then shipping HTML/CSS/jQuery UI to developers, helping them with integration into GWT-based web platform. Currently working on development of Clinical Trial Management System that includes drag and drop form builder and data manager with easy deployment process to client instances. I am doing initial product concepts on paper first, then wireframes, then interactive prototypes using HTML based framerwork which I have developed for this project. I help developers to integrate it to Java/Angular application and supporting them with testing side of things.

Contract product designer


Nov 2012 - current

User research, flows, visual design for web-based platform. Creating android and windows application for company that is doing complex VOIP solutions for business and personal needs. Working directly with stakeholders to get initial feature request, define roadmap strategy, gather feedback on concepts. Working closely with development team on production side of things. Helping with QA. Currently working on creation powerfull drag and drop workflow builder for advanced cloud telephony solution.


FramerJS Club

summer 2016 - current

Have set up curated gallery of framer resources

UI designer, project manager


Oct 2012 - Nov 2012

In collaboration with FrogDesign worked on UI and front-end for mobile app store for one of the major cell providers in Ukraine - Kyivstar. Leading a team of 4 people - designers, front-end and mobile developers.

UI designer


Aug 2012 - Nov 2012

Creating interactive UI prototypes on early stage of the application. Working with stakeholders to gather requirements and feedback. Colloborating with developers on integrating UI into node/coffescript based application.

UI designer


Aug 2012 - Nov 2012

User experience research, wireframing, interactive prototyping for Qapital- everyday banking app.

Co-founder, product designer


Nov 2010 - Oct 2012

Marketing, consulting, team management and UX/UI. Askerz ment to be the new online service for forms and survey creations, building landing pages, getting leads and sending newsletter. Currently closed. Latest screens can be found at askerz.tumblr.com.

Lead UX Designer

Prima Dev Group

Nov 2010 - Oct 2012

Leading in design department of Prima Development group - t4 designers, 3 illustrators, 3 html coders and two IOS devs. Was responsible for hiring process, project management, customer relations on design projects. During my work there build design deparment from ground. Introduced new project management system. We have completed bout 40 web and mobile projects during couple of years.

co-founder, designer

Trashstars design agency

Nov 2002 - Nov 2010

Co-founder and art director in small design agency in Europe. Designed and built various customer websites and apps.

Art direction

Cupid plc

Nov 2000 - Nov 2002

I was the head of the design department in web and software development company that grew in one of the leaders in dating industry. Was building design department from scratch. At the very end was managing team of about 10 designers and front-end developers.


Bachelor degree

Zaporizhzhya National Technical University

Sep 1998 - Jul 2003

Mastered Computer Systems and Networks at Computer Sciences and Facilities Faculty